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[Valid RSS] Getting Ansible via RSS

Below is the URL to give to your news reader/aggregator. The resulting RSS updates are pretty minimalist at present – I'm listing whole issues only, not really having the time or inclination to index the thing paragraph by paragraph.

¶ For Facebook users there's an official Ansible FB Page (replacing the former FB Group). If you can bring yourself to "Like" this Page, you'll receive a monthly notification of appearance of each new issue on the website, with an appropriate link also posted to the Page:

Ansible Facebook Page

¶ For LiveJournal users there's a syndication page which updates from the above feed:

¶ Want more than just Ansible? There is a weblog-format page of updates at As well as the regular Ansible uploads, this also records documents newly uploaded to my personal site and perhaps elsewhere – e.g. reviews, articles, and Langford columns from SFX magazine. The feed location:

My thanks to Andrew Plotkin for initial advice on plunging into the murky waters of RSS, and to Rose Fox for setting up the LiveJournal syndication.